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Pipe Genie Canada
. Trenchless techniques are an excellent choice for homeowners who need to replace piping without ruining your landscapes, sidewalks and driveways, and also for municipal managers who are faced with installing new infrastructure where traffic or existing facilities present an obstacle.

Trenchless rehabilitation methods are generally more cost-effective than traditional exhume (dig) and replace methods. Trenchless rehabilitation refers to such construction methods as pipe bursting for for the repair, rehabilitation, or replacement of existing buried pipes and structures without excavation.


Trenchless pipe replacement simply means there is no requirement to dig up your lawns, gardens, driveways etc in order to install / replace underground sewer, water or gas pipes. See our
video section for our trenchless pipe replacement jobs.

The chief benefits of this system are time reductions, cost efficiency and minimal damage to landscaping.

Please see our section on trenchless benefits and successes for more detailed information and examples.


Pipe Genie - We are licensed plumbers, located in Burnaby, BC. We are no dig trenchless, drain tile, sewer and water repair and replacement experts. Our services in your area.

We have a large team of plumbers who are specialists . repairing moist, damp, wet or flooded basements, drain tile repairs and general plumbing troubleshooting, installations and repairs.  

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