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Step-by-Step Operation of Pipe Replacement Using Pipe Bursting Equipment
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Step 1
Shore the wall of the hole where the Pipe Genie will be situated. Using 4x4 timbers assemble a retaining barrier as shown. Brush out debris from the pipe area. The Pipe Genie will be situated against this retaining barrier.

Step 2
Insert 'Push Tube' and then attach the cable.

Step 3
Pull cable through and then attach the chain.

Step 4
Pull chain through pipe.

Step 5
Set frame of Pipe Genie in the hole. Note Step 1 and ensure frame is butted against retaining barrier as described.

Step 6
Assemble cylinder(s), pulley and top pulling assembly.

Step 7
Pass chain around pulley and top box assembly.

Step 8
Install breaking cones over chain and then install the pipe guide.

Step 9
Hook up pulling chain to block (flat end forward) and hook up retaining chain.

Step 10
Hook up hydraulic hoses from cylinders to actuator, and from actuator to the supplied power pack.

Step 11
Start the power pack, and start pulling cones into the old pipe.

Step 12 - 13
[12] Insert chain into new pipe and insert new pipe into the pipe guide.
[13] Pull retaining chain snug and hook up boot. You're ready to begin installing pipe.

Step 14
Begin pulling until the pipe is in and the boot is at the bank. Repeat these steps (13, 14, 15) until all the pipe is in.

Step 15
[15] When the breaking cones come through, remove them one at a time by releasing the chain coupler, and then finally release the pipe guide.
[15a] Once pipe is fully through, remove the pipe boot and retrieve the chain.
Trenchless techniques are an excellent choice for homeowners who need to replace piping without ruining your landscapes, sidewalks and driveways, and also for municipal managers who are faced with installing new infrastructure where traffic or existing facilities present an obstacle.

Trenchless rehabilitation methods are generally more cost-effective than traditional exhume (dig) and replace methods. Trenchless rehabilitation refers to such construction methods as pipe bursting for for the repair, rehabilitation, or replacement of existing buried pipes and structures without excavation.

Pipe Genie innovations are the result of ten years of development by industry professionals who know what the end-user requires to ensure that jobs are completed most efficiently... no matter how tough the job!


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