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Tough Jobs - Brigham and Women's Hospital - Boston, Massachusetts - 2003

After four contractors had given up over a period of nine months, the hospital was still faced with the problem of a severely plugged garbage pipe containing many years build-up of medical waste.

The hospital was referred to a contractor who uses the Trenchless Canada System. Due to the specifics of the job, Trenchless Canada was consulted and a new accessory tool was developed to tackle the challenge [see photos]. In addition the pipe pulling unit was used in a horizontal configuration to work within the confined space available!

The new tool was highly successful and after a mere two weeks the job was done and a total of 12,000 pounds of medical waste accumulation had been removed in the process.

Teaching affiliate of the Harvard Medical School

12,000 pounds of assorted medical waste accumulated over a period of years completely blocked the line.

Tight working space required the machine to be used on its side as opposed to upright!

Extremely compacted waste required engineering a special tool to tackle a job others gave up on

The special tool was invented to tackle and complete this particular challenge.

Adjustable claws broke up the compacted accumulation.

Chain pulling bursting/splitting cone through collapsed lines with new pipe following behind.

The lines are clean, tools are removed and pipes re-sealed.

The hospital is once again fully functioning!

Trenchless Canada innovations are the result of ten years of development by industry professionals who know what the end-user requires to ensure that jobs are completed most efficiently... no matter how tough the job!


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