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Tough Jobs - Chevron Oil Head Office - Houston, Texas - February 2004

Multiple pipe sizes, multiple floors and multiple turns!

Contractor: Belknap Plumbing Systems Inc.

This job was an interior project requiring machines and work pits to be at sites within the building itself. The project called for a total of 2000 feet of varying-diameter pipe to be pulled. Pipe diameters included 4", 8", 10" and 16". The 16"and some 10" pipe was for storm drains, 10" and 8" pipe was used for sanitary sewer lines. New 16" pipe was used as a conduit to transport 10" pipe into the building. An 8' deep pit was dug within the building through a 1" thick, suspended concrete sub-floor 18" above the primary floor slab.

To accommodate the pull, equipment had to be moved inside manually and assembled within the pit. Pipe lengths were pulled from outside the building where they were pre-fused as necessary. In order to pull 16" pipe, and to pull 10" pipe through a 45³ angle, a 40 ton machine was teamed with a 60 ton machine creating a total of 100 tons of pulling power. The teamed machines required the use of hollow breaking cones to accommodate double-chaining.

Head office parking lot

Pipe being fused outside the structure

Pulling machines moved into building disassembled and in wheel barrows

8' pit being dug through sub-floor and slab

10" pipe being brought in through new 16" pipe

Soft soil required shoring with 6x6s

60 ton and 40 tom machines teamed and using hollow breaking cones

10" pipe being pulled in on 45³ angle

10" pipe being pulled in on 45³ angle

16" pipe being pulled from outside the building

16" pipe being pulled in on 45³ angle

Trenchless Canada innovations are the result of ten years of development by industry professionals who know what the end-user requires to ensure that jobs are completed most efficiently... no matter how tough the job!


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