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Tough Jobs - NASA Jet Fuel Laboratory - Laguna Hills, California - 2003

NASA required 450 feet of sewer line to be replaced at its Laguna Hills, Ca facility where their jet fuel testing lab is located. The sewer line was underneath the giant facility, included a 90° turn and ran directly under the test lab. It was clearly stipulated that the lab itself could not be disturbed as would be the case with traditional line replacement technique.

Huffer Plumbing, of Orange, California, had bought a tool from a Pipe Genie competitor. After two solid weeks on the job, and after two machine break-downs, they had progressed a mere 150' when the head punched out of the pipe and another pit needed to be dug despite the additional structural disruption it caused. It was a Wednesday, and Huffer picked up the phone and called Pipe Genie.

We arrived with a machine by noon Thursday and 24 hours later, using three working pits to accommodate the 90° direction change, all 250' of new sewer line was fully installed.

With those results in hand, Huffer called the competitor and instructed them to come pick up their machine, and bought the Trenchless Canada system on the spot!

For security reasons photographs were not taken in or around the NASA facility

No scientists were disturbed during completion of this job!

Trenchless Canada innovations are the result of ten years of development by industry professionals who know what the end-user requires to ensure that jobs are completed most efficiently... no matter how tough the job!
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